Nordic Motorsport Council

Since 1952 there has been a close political cooperation between the Nordic Countries. This was formalized in 1971 by establishing the Nordic Council (formed by the five Nordic Countries on government level). Among other things the Nordic Council is dealing with issues like sports, culture, drugs, transports and environmental questions. These are areas that are very much linked to motorcycle activities.

Even if there has been a good cooperation between the Nordic National Federations since over the last 40 years (earlier mentioned Nordic Meeting) we are convinced that there is a need for a recognized NMC (Nordic Motorcycle Council). This will strengthened the NMC work and its credibility as a counterpart and serious speaking part in the sport and environmental sectors of Nordic Council; All in the interest of motorcycle- and snowscooter activities in the UEM as its part of EU.

The main topics for NMC are:

- Sport political and organizing cooperation

- Nordic Championships

- Coordinating and implementing UEM rules

- Environmental questions

- Sport safety

- Road safety

The chairmanship (the President) circulates between the member countries. The country holding the chairmanship is also responsible for the secretariat for the same period. The board/Management Council consists of Presidents and Secretaries General from the National Federations members of the NMC.

The chairmanship - Secretariat:

Period NMC chairman/President NMC Secretary General Country

2006-2007 Juhani Halme/Kurt Ljungqvist, Finland (SML)

2007-2008 Lene Fevang/Roy N. Wetterstad, Norway (NMF)

2008-2009 Sture Fredell/Per Westling Sweden, (SVEMO)

2009-2010 Jørgen Bitsch Henrik/Funder Kristensen Denmark (DMU)

2010-2011 Juhani Halme/Kurt Ljungquist, Finland (SML)

2011-2012 Karl Gunnlaugsson, Island (MSI)

After decades with close collaboration between the Nordic countries in motorcycle sports, the Nordic Motorsport Council (NMC) was founded in Copenhagen in 2006. From then we had a more formalised co-operation based on NMC statutes. 

Nordic Meeting 2010 Copenhagen forms:

Invitation: Nordic Meeting Copenhagen

Rules: Nordic Meeting Copenhagen

Entry Form: Nordic Meeting Copenhagen

Minutes NMC - Copenhagen 2010

Minutes - Management Council

Minutes - Trial

Minutes - Childrens Sport

Minutes - Classic

Minutes - Road Racing and Mini Moto

Minutes - Environment Matters

Minutes - Speedway

Minutes - Drag Racing

Minutes - Enduro

Minutes - Motocross

Minutes - ATV and Quad


Agenda NMC 2010

Proposal NMC - Norway

Proposal NMC - Sweden

Proposal NMC - Finland


Checklist and Agenda Trial


Checklist and Agenda - Childrens-sport

Proposal Children - Sweden


Checklist and Agenda Classic

Proposal Classic - Sweden

Proposal Classic - Norway

Proposal Classic - Finland


Checklist and Agenda RR - Mini Moto

Proposal RR - Nordic 125cc GP Technical Code 2011 - draft

Proposal RR - Nordic Superbike 1000 Technical 2011

Proposal RR - Nordic Mini Road Racing Rules 2011

Proposal RR - Road Racing Sporting Code 2011 - draft

Proposal RR - Nordic Superstock 600 Technical 2011

Proposal RR - Nordic Scooter Cup Rules 2011

Proposal RR - Sweden 1 

Proposal RR - Sweden 2

Proposal RR - Norway


Checklist and Agenda - Environment

Proposal Environmental - Sweden


Checklist and Agenda Speedway


Checklist and Agenda Drag Racing

Proposal Drag Racing - Sweden

Proposal Drag Racing - Finland


Checklist and Agenda Enduro

Proposal Enduro - Norway


Checklist and Agenda MX

Proposal Motocross - Sweden

Proposal Motocross - Finland


Checklist and Agenda ATV - Quad

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2015 Vintercup 1 Lunner Motorsport 01.02
Midt Norsk Mesteskap runde 3 2015 14.02
MNM Verdal runde 4 2015 15.02
EM Snowcross - Gjesteklasser 21.02
2015 Snøscooterdrag Alta NM og NDC 1 28.02
NM 2015 13.03
NDC 4 og 5 2014 21.03
NDC-runde 6 2015 28.03
Midt Norsk Mesterskap 2015 29.03

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